Laser Focused Digital Marketing
— Your 360 Strategy Designed To Attract & Reach Your Targeted Audience! —

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We build & expand your existing digital media footprint with a complete 360 tactical strategy designed to attract and convert your target audience.

Let's face it, your ability to influence a buying audience doesn't begin and end with the your business card, your website, or a yellow ad. Those easy marketing, set it and forget it, days are long gone!

Why? Because With The Internet, Consumers Are Now More Vigilant, Proactive & On Lookout, Researching...
— Always Balancing Trust With Convenience & Value!

Everyday purchasers are researching, educating themselves, and becoming more informed and more influenced, not only through marketing & advertising but also through the new currency, digital word of mouth.

In addition, consumer also recognize that deals are going on all the time, and everyone likes touting the great deal they got. As a result, their is a favorable alternative the helps your business to stay on the mind of the prospect, build trust, and eliminate the distractions simultaneously.

Marketing Funnel: SEO, Marketing Automation, Review Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing

Your value proposition and the reach of your marketing methods draws people into the top of the funnel but it is the influential factors like your website design elements, copy writing, and perceived authority, public trust, and reliability of products and services in relationship to price and conveinance which drive prospects to thru the funnel to become clients.[

Reaching The "Highly Informed" Audience In A Sea Of Distractions
— And Shift Their Focus Off Of Price & Onto Value —

Top 10 Ways Buyers Justify & Defend Their Purchases:
( Not in any particular order )
  • "They were the number one listing in search so they must be credible!"
  • "They weren't the cheapest but, based on everything on their website, it seemed worth the added costs!"
  • "They had over 20 "5 Star" reviews on Google in the last month!"
  • "The trusted report I received on them was nothing but stellar!"
  • "Yelper's said the food was outstanding!"
  • "Everyone On Youtube Said It Was Great!"
  • "Several people told me it was an excellent service!"
  • "Their Amazon reviews where through the roof!"
  • "Their customer service and commitment to my questions was astounding!"
  • "You know, I was frustrated trying to get answers and a human response from the competitors!"

Purchasing Consumers Are More Informed Than Ever Before...
— Researching Actively, Equating Factors Far Beyond Price!

The common wisdom of today, sounds a bit like everything that everyone has heard and suggests, including your designer's "expert" opinion. Most every suggestion has a bit of truth to it, yet is entirely missing the boat at the same time.

  • Yes, it might help if you got a website.
  • Yes, it might help if you got social media.
  • Yes, it might help if you did some advertising.
  • Yes, it might help if you ranked top in your local market in Google and Yelp.
  • Yes, it would help if you got some current 5 star reviews.
  • Yes, you should have a unique selling proposition.

All of these things are true and can actually turn the needle in your business. The difficulty is, not only, the time and expense involved, but the man power to get all this done and actually interact with prospects.

They Were All Correct, In A Way, But
— Your Success From That, Would Be Minimal If...

Your friends, family, the marketers on Facebook, the Guy From Mumbia (the one that sent you the spam email right after you got your domain name, you know the one...), yes, they were all correct. But they are missing the trigger that influences people to actually buy. And, I know what your thinking, its "not a call to action", although that helps.

So You Got Them In-Store
— But Their Still Actively Researching...

Even while in-store, consumers with high purchase intent are actively researching products and services with their smart phones. It's not only because they want the most band for their buck, but the want the most lasting value, and they absolutely do not want to be told, "I told you so!" by their friends and family.

Justifying Their Purchase...
— Even When They Didn't Get The Best Deal...

In the event that they do make a purchasing decision that went wrong, they still want to be able to justify it. But pressed for time and having an unending availability of the internet to conduct research, buyers often look to shortcuts to due-diligence.

Capitalizing On Fast Decision Short-Cuts...
— Buyers Often Make

  • Online Reviews
  • Asking For Online Recommendations
  • Ask A Friend / Family Member
  • Trusted Blog / Comparison Site
  • Credibility Indicators On Website & 3rd Party Sites

Get Ready For The Real Science...
— Where Marketing Meets Triggers In Purchasing Behavior

Perhaps, though, the most important question is not where they go or what they do, but as you'll discover next, is what is the trigger that confirms there decision to make the commitment to buy.

This is the real science that rarely anyone talks about.

"What Really Motivates Consumers To Buy?"
— The Answer Has Been Discovered In These 7 Principles! —

7 Primary Methods That Influence A Prospect To Buy From You...

Launching an attractive and scalable website quickly and affordably is important for modern startups — Stack offers massive value without looking 'bargain-bin'.

— The Answer Has Been Discovered In These 7 Principles!

Be the first to give, make it personalized and unexpected.


People want more of things they can have less of


People follow the lead of credible knowledgeable experts


Looking For, and Asking For Commitments That Can Be Made


3 Important Factors To Liking


Following the herd

Expanding Digital Word Of Mouth

Increasing your positive sentiment from buyers is a great method of converting more sales for the simple reason that when people are ready to buy, they like to investigate what others had said.