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Getting Top Local Listings Is One Of The Best Investments For Your Business!

  • The top three listings in search receive over 66% of the clicks
  • Local searchers are 78% more likely visit in store and buy within the next 3 hours after a search.
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46% Of Searches Have Local Intent

Ranking In Your Local Market Is One Of The Best Investments For Your Business!

There is no question the smart money goes to maximizing your local ranking prominence and influence. Over 60% of top marketers continually invest in content & inbound marketing, for good reason.

It's Becomes Evident When You View The Statistics!

  • The top 3 listings get 66% of the click share
  • 46% of online searches are said to have local intent and even more conservative figures puts it at 30 and above.
  • 78% of mobile searches result in a sale within 3 hours
  • Local searchers want solutions quickly and, therefore, not only a high purchase intent, but are willing to pay a premium as well

While there are many places online that offer a spot for you to "get more local customers", their is only a small handful per industry sector that drive the prospects. Sure, the public outcry in the main stream media of sentiments of advertisers have been certainly underwhelming, but the networks still hold alot of value even if you do not purchase ads, the trick is ranking in them without the per click cost.

If You Rely Solely On The Ad-Salesman, Chances Are, You Will Be Buying More Ads, Just Like Everyone Else!

That doesn't mean that a position with those sites isn't worthwhile, it just means that the tactics that need to be employed to sift value off of them differs from that that the general public or, even, insiders may be aware of.

Let's Recap

You want to get more prospects finding you online and buying your stuff and you want it done quickly and efficiently.

With that many searches have local intent and 78% of local searchers buy something locally within the next 3 hours, local optimization should get put on the todo list. Searchers are finding local businesses in multiple search destinations. Yes, Google is big, but the are not the only channel to be discovered on. And if you have already posted your Google local listing, know that there are many other signals that impact your search listing result, and the radius (in miles) that your result reaches. All of these factors interdependent on how satisfying your search listing solves the end users problem.

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Ranking high in Google, Yelp, and other directory sites is one of the best ways to attract local buyers with high purchase intent
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Accurate Listings Where It Matters!

Get listed across the net with accuracy where searchers with high buying intent are conducting research for their next purchase. We have a system to check your status and continually update and maintain that status.

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Strengthen Your Reputation With Online Reviews On Automation

Increase Reputation & Conversions

Getting listed high is only one part of a three step process with the last, being most time consuming and labor intensive. Fortuneately, we have an automated system to put that on autopilot.

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Strengthen Your Online Position & Rank

Strengthen Your Legitimacy & Rank

In the eyes of the searcher, when you rank high, you have a legitimacy of doing so. In order to rank high, you need reference points and favorable content that people behavior proves credibility.

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