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Website Optimization Helps You Target Searchers Actively Seeking A Solution

Website Optimization has been a key term thrown around by marketers for quite some time, but it's mainstay is because it's power, so much so, that 66% of top marketers still use it to this day and for good reason. It's reported that the top of search, whichever the channel, receives the vast majority of attention.

And It's Not Just Keywords On A Page Either...

With Over 200 factors in qualitative website optimization, all of which hinder on trust, copy writing, clarity of message, and value proposition, you can immediately save yourself some time by omitting that email offer of Top Ten Ranking from the "Guy From Mumbai". While he might get you ranked, the problem with articulation in offer will reveal itself.

66% Of Top Marketers Continually Invest In Tactics To Rank Higher In Search

Unlike other forms of marketing, when a business positioned with quality website optimization, the listings on search, especially if they made it to the top three positions, grabs the attention of those actively seeking a solution at the exact moment they are looking to research and/or take action.

Like Tia-Chi, Search Marketing & Optimization Goes With The User Flow Whereas Social Media Marketing Entirely Interruptive

Just the opposite of social media post marketing where a persons social experience is interrupted when trying to communicate with their friends, it magnetically attracts the prospect as that is the direction they wanted to go. Because of this, they expect to have to pay for a service. So as far as results are concerned, optimization, often referred to as SEO, generally attracts higher targeted individuals than, say, directory advertising (think yellow pages), or social media advertising and therefore doesn't require as much advanced filtering and giveaways which may be associated with Social Media ad success.

The Effectiveness Of Any Marketing Effort Hinders On Whether Activity Provided A Benefit To The Business, Period.

In all of the provided marketing campaigns, we do more than just post, we track results and modify in order to improve. Optimization of anything is a process of testing, learning, adapting, and improving. Optimization as a one time event, is based on software output and historical judgement.

A successful campaign, not only attracts but also converts. A Solid Offer, Message Clarity, & Trust Are The Key Ingredients

The whole purpose in marketing is to get the sale, test, and/or improve reputation. Anything other than that, and you are wasting your money. In order to not burn through time and cash, you website copy (your valuation proposition) must be appealing, clear, concise, and convey trust. Without trust, either from established brand, then by other means: white papers, case studies, and other related trust indicators.

Primary Essentials In Any Marketing Offer
  • Consumer Demand
  • Copywriting Conveying Clarity In Offer
  • Value Proposition
  • Consumer Trust

All of these areas, our team is trained and ready to help you improve in order to maximize your bottom line.

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