Dynamic Response Behavioral Marketing With Opt-In Lists
— Real-Time Communications For The 21st Century

Kick up your ongoing marketing efforts with real-time and reactive communications based on behavioral insights. Systematically market to prospects and clients using followup flow-sequences for further engagement, education, up sells, and down sells. Best yet, you can do it all on auto pilot.

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Compared To Dynamic Response Marketing, Email Is Most Certainly Dead!

Email has been the main-stay of communications worldwide since the internet's beginnings (And I'm not talking Al Gore's Internet :) ) and will always remain a part of, but it's open rate has taken a serious blow. Yes, here is a new leader take a strong hold in marketing to a list.

Everyone uses it daily, sometimes as much as 18 hours a day and its open rate is near 100%, far exceeding that of email.

As a result, the value far exceeds that of traditional email communications. When Seth Godin, a top marketer and celebrity, tested a similar process, the open rate was improved by a factor 33X and the conversion was threw the roof too. Add the dynamic response marketing to the mix, and all the more.

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Funnel For Dynamic Response Marketing

All The Hallmarks Of Email Marketing, But Far Superior!

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